Romu – Digital Marketing Consultant Atlanta and Remote

About Romu Gaboriau

I’m a Full Stack Digital Marketer ready to help you build better Digital Marketing campaigns and Lead Generation efforts.

Using my 10+ years of experience, I help start-ups and Fortune 500 market their solution in the U.S. and internationally. I’ve learned how to be a one-man marketing department, balancing both marketing strategy and execution.

Later on, I’ve strengthened my skills in Go-To-Market Strategy, Account-Based Marketing, and Growth Marketing.

I’ve had the chance to build my own team and learn about project management, team leadership, and the importance of acting on data insights rather than subjective opinions.

My background

After spending the first 25 years of my life in France, I decided to move to the U.S. 12 years ago to become an innovative Digital Marketing expert.

I had the chance to transfer to Kennesaw State University, GA to get my MBA in International Business and Marketing (3.75 GPA).

I got my first marketing job as the #3 employee for a French start-up based in Atlanta, GA. Three years later, the founder sold the company that grew to 50 employees.

Since then, I’ve been balancing my time between full-time positions in the SaaS, Healthcare and FinTech industries, and freelance work for SMBs or bigger clients in the automotive industry and more.

My expertise

I believe Digital Marketing is the best way to promote your business, but it goes beyond brand awareness. The recent events related to the pandemic and COVID-19 are only accelerating the switch to Digital with now more than 6 Billion Google searches a day!

I focus on creating clear marketing strategies that can actually impact revenue. This means developing and implementing multi-channel marketing strategies to create awareness and generate demand.

I have managed numerous digital marketing channels including websites, organic search, paid search, retargeting, display advertising, growth marketing, email, and social media to ensure your Lead Generation effort is efficient and your brand messaging is consistent.


Contact Me to Review Your Project

I value your time. This is why I take all project inquiries very seriously. The more information I have up front the better I’m able to serve you!