Romu – Digital Marketing Consultant Atlanta and Remote

Worldpay from FIS


Worldpay was relying heavily on PPC to market their new payment solutions, but the rest of their Digital Marketing channels were not robust at the time.

My role was to diversify their Digital Marketing strategy by launching paid social campaigns with a heavy focus on Facebook ads.

We also decided to take the Google Ads account away from the agency to run it, restructure it and optimize it internally.

By doing so, we were able to decrease the Cost Per Lead (CPL) by increasing the Click Through Rate (CTR) and improving the Quality Score of our ads.

Once this was in place, we’ve explore new avenues like ABM (Account-Based Marketing) both for the US and Global campaigns with a focus on the UK.

I was also in charge of A/B Testing and contributed to a 22% decrease in Cost Per Account (CPA) using conversion optimization techniques.